MONO/LINO [Theo, Jono, Clare & friends]

Jonathan Comerford - Fish vendor

Theo Paul Vorster, Jonathan Comerford and Clare Menck each hosted a mono or lino  workshop for 10 invited artists specialising in non-printmaking disciplines.  30 workshopped prints and 3 cameo solos by Theo, Jono and Clare put PRINTMAKING on the map at Art B Gallery this month.

Wednesday 21 September 2016
6.30 for 7pm

Art B Gallery in the Bellville Library Centre Carel v Aswegen Street Bellville

Jonathan (Jono) Comerford of Hardground Printmakers (London)

Exhibition closes 6 October.  Snacks and wine are served at opening event.


Artb and the Arts Association of Bellville cordially invite you to the opening of
an exhibition of work by senior artists, on 20 January 2016 at 11:00.
The opening address will be by Hetta Pieterse

NamaqualandNamaqualand          Adele van Niekerk (nee Weyers)

Exhibition ends 10 February.