Calling All Artists 2024

 unlArt.b is hosting an open call for all artists and curators interested in exhibiting with us in 2024. The deadline has been extended until 12 January 2024, we will be accepting proposals for Solo and Group exhibitions in 2024/25. 

The calendar for next year is already filling up fast and such we have 6 openings for possible Solo / Duo / Trio or Group exhibitions:

February 2024

April 2024

May 2024 

July 2024

October 2024

November 2024

The application process

  1. Each applicant needs to send an exhibition proposal (in Pdf format) consisting of:
    • An Artist Biography of no more than 200 words
    • An Artist Statement of no more than 200 words
    • No more than 10 Jpeg images showing the artwork clearly.
    • Each work must state: The name of artist (for group exhibitions), title, year completed, medium, dimensions and selling price (incl. 33,3% commission)
    • A short CV of previous exhibitions (if any)
    To with Solo exhibition Proposal / Group exhibition Proposal as subject. Please note that a single Pdf consisting of the above should be submitted. The gallery receive an overwhelming amount of applications and simply cannot sift through emails containing numerous different files.
  2. Completed applications need to be submitted by 12 January 2024. All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee by 21 January 2024.
  3. Successful applicants will be notified by 22 January 2024.
  4. No formal reasons will be given for their acceptance or rejection of your proposal for an exhibition at Art.b Gallery. The decision of the selection committee will be final. No discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

Costs to consider

art.b covers an area of 294 m² and provides sufficient wall and floor space for major exhibitions. This space is divided into the Main Gallery (197.60 m2) and the smaller Vestibule Gallery(96,4m2). The Main Gallery hosts a cross range of South African Art in a variety of mediums including sculpture, photography, installation and conceptual work. The Vestibule Gallery, a highly respected and popular space for ceramic exhibitions, is often graced by innovative and acclaimed ceramicists. Unique jewellery and glassware exhibitions also take place in this space. Please note that the vestibule does not lend itself to exhibition of two-dimensional works (paintings, photographs, prints)

On average 12 exhibitions are hosted annually in the gallery space. Additional activities include walkabouts, audio-visual lectures and monthly “Music in the Gallery” events.

This fee includes gallery space for a period of 4 weeks, providing a 3-week exhibition and the remaining days for installation, administration etc.

Exhibition Openings occur on the First Saturday of every month, unless otherwise specified.

Exhibition fees:
Main gallery: R 6 000
Vestibule gallery: R 3 000

This fee includes: installation of the exhibition, e-commerce,marketing and administration as well as supervision for the duration of the exhibition. Should the artist(s) wish to have drinks (alcoholic / non-alcoholic) and/or catering for the opening, this will remain the responsibility of the exhibiting artist(s).

You will need to indicate in your proposal in which gallery you imagine installing your exhibition, and also whether you would be open to sharing the space with another artist, or a group of artists. art.b has hosted many successful exhibitions featuring 2 Solo exhibitions within the same space. This often provides for an interesting and dynamic narrative between works of different media, whilst also allowing artists to share the financial cost of hosting an exhibition. The members of the selection committee will do their best to accommodate your choice, but final placement depends on the year program.