Ceramic Exhibition - Blended

You are invited on Saturday the 10th of October 2020 at 11am for the opening of the Ceramic Exhbition ‘Blended’. The exhibition will be opened by Hennie Meyer.

art.b adheres to following Covid-19 protocols and therefore it is essential that you RSVP by 7 October 2020 to confirm your attendance.

The online exhibition launches at 12 pm on 10 October 2020.

The narrative around 2020 and Covid-19 has been exhausted through mass and social media. Enough said. Thanks to the Art.b committee, an online platform was created to ensure that artists (amateurs and professionals) can still exhibit their work throughout this pandemic. Therefore, it is our pleasure to host the second annual Ceramic Exhibition on a digital platform and the work will also be showcased at the gallery.

Many people wonder how one copes with a medium that involves several processes with no guarantee that the final piece will reflect the maker’s intention or vision?

It is due to all the processes involved, that a ceramicist feels like an explorer chartering new territory. Many successes are based on a myriad of failures. These processes are exhilarating and gratifying, but also frustrating and worrisome. Joy becomes frustration or worry turns into elation and problems become solutions. Let us not forget the metamorphosis of dull powdery colours into vivid glossy colours after firing each piece. All these factors contribute to the ceramicists being in a constant state flux.

Based on these few thoughts, the title of this exhibition is called Blended. The title pays tribute to the process but also to the participants in this exhibition. There is a blend of master ceramicists, multi-disciplinary artists and novices.

I want to thank the art.b committee for all their support as well as the participants for their contributions, professionalism and patience. I also want to thank Hennie Meyer for honouring art.b with the opening of this exhibition. To all our patrons, on behalf of the Art.b committee and myself we hope that you enjoy and support this exhibition,

Zelda Weber (Curator)

Opening of exhibition: 10 October 2020

To view and purchase any of the art please follow the guideline set out below.

  1. Click on the "View artwork" button below to access the viewing room.
  2. Artists will be listed alphabetically. You can click on the individual image of the art for a larger view.
  3. To purchase the artwork, please click on the "Purchase artwork" button below, this will redirect you to the Purchase Form page. (Be sure to remember the name of the artist and title of the artwork you wish to purchase.)
  4. Complete your details and make your selection by using the tickbox provided.
  5. You will also be able to make multiple selections, so we suggest you have a look through the entire exhibition before clicking on the "Purchase Artwork" button.
  6. Art.b will contact you using your details provided, in order to send through our banking details and arrange payment.
  7. You will not be able to see the details - in the list of tickboxes - for any artwork that has already been sold.
  8. For more information pertaining to this exhibition you may contact Anne on 072 380 7268 during office hours, alternatively please email artb@artb.co.za. We have also provided a comments section in the purchase form should you require more details.
*Please be advised that a proof of payment will need to be provided to secure an artwork and we advise that this is done after you have been contacted by art.b so that we can ensure that we do not receive any double payments.

*Delivery and delivery charges not included in the sale price listed on the website, and are subject to quotation and agreement by art.b.

Online exhibition now open:

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