CeraMIX : Texture


CeraMIX is an annual exhibition conceived by Koos van Bergen which pairs ceramics alongside another medium which varies every year. This year’s exhibition, "CeraMIX: texture" features ceramicists (Curated by Koos van Bergen) showing their artwork alongside contemporary textile artists (Curated by Scott Williams). As common ground between the two media – some of the exhibiting ceramics artists chose to respond with works that showcase the textural quality of their medium.

The exhibition title plays on the prefix ‘text’ in the word texture to imply that there are other ways of reading and understanding the world through the activities of working with textile and ceramics as embodied forms of knowledge.

During the curation of this exhibition – members of the art.b team made constant reference to the “conversations” between the exhibiting artists’ works. The subtitle of the exhibition – Texture – refers to at least one aspect where this conversation occurs. In the enjoyment of these artworks, there is a “leaning in” and a closer inspection of the detail, the range of styles, the colours, the ruptures, curves, line and the joy with which these artworks have been made. Using this gallery environment as a space of leaning in we can examine how artists are also exploring and celebrating the textures of language, healing, hope, faith, land, identity, heritage, joy, indignation, and the countless imaginings and reimaginings through their readings of the world you find here. And so here, in CeraMIX, we elevate these media in a celebration.

Further text and information on this exhibition will be available in due course.

Opening: 15 October 2022 

Closing: 28 October 2022


Additional programming:

AFRI_inConversation: Threads of thought. (Online conversation)  (21 OCT, 11:00 UTC) 

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