With introspection and humour the artists on REDEFINED consider surviving a pandemic with painted and drawn visions.

Here the artists present to us natural environments of isolation alongside dramatic liminal landscapes. 

They confront us with moods of foreboding, the irony of mundanity during times of turmoil, the everyday activities of childrearing and moments of leisure, juxtaposed with fantastical realities and those of armed conflict with its tragic aftermaths. Within these depictions of business as usual is the call towards re-evaluation.

Artistically, Redefined can also reflect on a shift from figurative to abstract painting.

Why the Cup? Apart from revealing the difference in treatment of the same subject by each artist, the cup serves as a progressively redefined device ... as a philosophical vehicle seen as being half full or half empty ... a symbol of containment or the feminine (in Jungian terms) ... a custom to commune...  a moment of pause, to take stock...

The REDEFINED artists welcome you to a co-reflection in this moment.