Time Will Tell

Featuring Marelise van Wyk

My creative process has always been inspired by the cyclic interplay of life between extinction and creation. Through this body of work I relate to the stories of the past and the way in which we are constantly influenced and re-invented by personal as well as collective memories. I relate to the continuous interplay between past and present that in turn creates an interconnectivity that allows new and ongoing conversations.

As a result, my work is inspired by textures in nature created by erosion, corrosion, decomposition and changing seasons – changes indicative of the passing of time. To support this theme I use imagery referring to history, historical structures and organic materials.

... We all are. [...] Trying to invent our version of the story. All human odes are essentially one. “My life. What I stole from history, and how I live with it.”...
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Marelise van Wyk is an artist and printmaker, currently based in Simon’s Town where she works from my home studio.

She achieved a BVA from UNISA in 2006. In 2019 she became the winner of the Eclectica Print Gallery printmaking competition. Marelise participated in various group exhibitions locally and abroad. Time will tell is her third solo exhibition the previous being: Refinery; we are expanded far into the past at The Studio Art gallery in Simon’s Town in 2019 and Palimpsest at Eclectica Print gallery in Cape Town in 2020.
In 2020 she had been invited to join the collective, The Printing Girls.

Marelise’s art practice includes a variety of print techniques, both traditional as well as alternative experimental ways of print in an attempt to challenge the medium in order to enhance its expressive quality to more than just representation.

Open: 7 May 2022 at 11h00
Exhibition closes: 27 May 2022
Available Online till: 27 June 2022